Monday, October 29, 2012

Writing on a Stormy Day

So I'm sitting here at the computer during Hurricane Sandy, listening to the wind hum, and thinking, hey, I should do a blog.

Do I have a life or what?

Nevertheless, here I am, and I'm just writing. I don't have a topic, just a desire.

That's what I do, it seems; I write.

I'm an editor at work, a salesman, really, but I write all the time. I write e-mails, letters, proposal documents, all sorts of items that every other publisher-type writes everyday.

Sometimes I'm on the phone, and sometimes I'm in meetings, but mostly, it seems, I'm writing.

And I love it.

So on this windy, rainy, waiting-for-the-power-to-go-out kind of day, I'm sitting here writing. And I thought of you, dear reader, and I thought of me and what I do, and I decided to write.

And I'm glad.